The Salt Lake Action Cinema Society is Salt Lake City's only action-centric, pop-up film exhibition series. The Society is a premiere destination for discerning consumers seeking only the finest of action cinema. Whether you choose to enjoy a vintage favorite or explore something new and unfamiliar, you can do so among friends and peers in a communal cinema experience.

Action cinema transcends cultures, nationalities, and generations. It is a collective body of work, iterated upon and transformed by a global network of interdisciplinary professionals, such as stunt performers, choreographers, cinematographers, VFX artists, and more. Like each word of a script, every stunt, punch, and gunfight requires creation and consideration. From concept, to pre-vis, to finished product, action cinema lives on through the efforts of tens of thousands of individual contributors and is supported by millions of passionate fans.

It's within this spirit that the Salt Lake Action Cinema Society finds its guiding light. SLACS aims to create a community-oriented, pop-up screening experience. It is committed to the discussion, promotion, and exhibition of all things action cinema. 

Join us, and celebrate the art of action.


The Salt Lake Action Cinema Society was founded in March of 2023 and is located in Salt Lake City, UT. While SLACS is a small, local business, we are driven by passion, not profit. The Society does not receive income from advertising and our core screenings have no admission fees. Thus, Salt Lake Action Cinema Society is solely supported by Membership subscriptions, donations, and merchandise and concessions sales. The Society is working closely with AAMP Utah and The Beehive to offer a unique, communal cinema experience in a space dedicated to alternative arts.